Painting Everyday Rewired My Brain

According to where you live, your experience of the Co-vid 19 lockdown and its effects will differ. There has been an overwhelming amount of negativity surfacing as a result but there has also been a lot of positive and uplifting things! I am sharing my perspective and how it positively changed me. Without a doubtContinue reading “Painting Everyday Rewired My Brain”

How To Create Authentic Art

What is even authentic art? Have you ever looked at a work of art and felt connected to it in any way? Maybe it reminded you of something in your childhood. Maybe the colors made you feel calm. Maybe a piece made you feel immersed where you can almost feel the sunshine and smell theContinue reading “How To Create Authentic Art”

My Approach to Painting

I have launched a new and exciting painting collection called, “The Spirit of the Hummingbird”. It is dedicated to capturing the energy, flight, movement and life of the hummingbird, my spirit animal. I have been told that I have the energy of a hummingbird and I must agree! This collection is like a series ofContinue reading “My Approach to Painting”