Painting Everyday Rewired My Brain

According to where you live, your experience of the Co-vid 19 lockdown and its effects will differ. There has been an overwhelming amount of negativity surfacing as a result but there has also been a lot of positive and uplifting things! I am sharing my perspective and how it positively changed me. Without a doubtContinue reading “Painting Everyday Rewired My Brain”

So, you’re an artist. What’s next?

Being an artist is just as a serious career as a lawyer or an engineer. There are so many components of being a successful artist that are not taught in school. Creative endeavors are not all fun and games, but it is a game you have to learn to play to win. You don’t necessarilyContinue reading “So, you’re an artist. What’s next?”

Meditation in Art

Mindfulness and meditation have been popular subjects over the past couple of years. Those practices have become more mainstream in society even though they are ancient practices that have been done for centuries. Mindfulness is a powerful practice of thinking in the present and opening your senses and awareness wholly to the activity you areContinue reading “Meditation in Art”