The Early Bird Catches The Early Worm

I get my energy from the sunshine. My daily rituals involve sitting in the sun to absorb the light and warmth. I eat bananas everyday and wake up before dawn. I most definitely am a bird of some sort. The hummingbird is my spirit animal. They are very tiny, delicate creatures but fierce and doContinue reading “The Early Bird Catches The Early Worm”

Sun Therapy

In periods of isolation, quarantine, being indoors for an extended period of time and lockdown for months, I started feeling down, burnt out, irritable, restless and I was losing interest in doing all the things I loved. I really missed being outdoors and doing different kinds of activities. It took me a while to figureContinue reading “Sun Therapy”

The Pandemic Improved My Art

Without a doubt, the pandemic was one of the most tragic events of the century! It has been an unpredictable few years and I know each person would have experienced the pandemic differently according to where you live. My creativity significantly thrived as a result of the pandemic. I have never in my life hadContinue reading “The Pandemic Improved My Art”

My Artist Philosophy

My bio or introduction usually says, ‘artist, designer and teacher.’ I think those three words are an accurate description of who I am! However, today I share deeper aspects of my philosophy as an artist. Art has always and will always be therapeutic for my soul. It is the thing that keeps me balanced andContinue reading “My Artist Philosophy”

Artist Hacks. Work smart, not hard

We all have busy schedules and sometimes it can be challengeing to be consistent in managing some things as an artist. Whether you are a part time or full time creative, we all have our different challenges. I personally manage many projects on my own and I consider myself to be a team of people.Continue reading “Artist Hacks. Work smart, not hard”

Make The Next Three Months Count! Here’s How.

Can you believe it is Septmeber 2021 already? Some are still processing 2020! But here is the real truth: there are only THREE more months until the end of 2021! Three more months until 2022! I know the pandemic has created great challenges and many dreams, expectations and plans got throw out the window. ThereContinue reading “Make The Next Three Months Count! Here’s How.”

10 Random Things About Me

For those who may not know I am an artist and art teacher. That is the essence of my life and everything revolves around Art. All my books are Art realated, Art takes over my spaces, I look at Art videos, read about Art, write about Art and talk about Art. My food must beContinue reading “10 Random Things About Me”

Artist Block? Do This!

We have all experienced artist block before and it can be most frustrating and annoying! We all hate it but it happens to all creatives from time to time. Are you experiencing artist block especially in these challenging times? Keep reading! I am sharing some great tips to help you back on track! Google allContinue reading “Artist Block? Do This!”

How to Stay Creative in the Pandemic

It is without a doubt that the pandemic has changed our lives dramatically. You would have noticed some some creatives thrived as this time, while other creatives felt unmotivated, uninspired and depressed because of the world situation. If you were the latter or somewhere in between, I am going to share some great ideas onContinue reading “How to Stay Creative in the Pandemic”

New Art Website Launch

This week I am sharing some wonderful news of the official launch of my art website! I am very proud of this venture and project, not becuase of the time that specifically went into creating the website. Rather, it is the time and energy that went into creating and building the other projects that areContinue reading “New Art Website Launch”