How to Stay Creative in the Pandemic

It is without a doubt that the pandemic has changed our lives dramatically. You would have noticed some some creatives thrived as this time, while other creatives felt unmotivated, uninspired and depressed because of the world situation. If you were the latter or somewhere in between, I am going to share some great ideas on staying creative during these challenging times. These are the things I did to be a thriving and successful artist during the pandemic.

One of my most recent blogs called, ‘Take a Break. Here’s Why,’ is an excellent read which will help you find your inspiration again. Changing your environment by going to a place you love, going outdoors, spending time with people who inspire you will greatly enhance your mood. Remeber it is important to go out. It can be by yourself as well. A 92 year old once said, ‘Force yourself to go out. Beautiful things always happen.’ Do this as often as you can to be able to find your inspiration again.

What are your goals as a creative? Do you want to become a better painter? Did you want to leant a new medium, publish a book, learnt new techniques? See your goals written on paper is always a great way to start. Make a plan as to how you are going to accomplish this goal such as small tasks everyday to workd towrds that goal.

Whatever your goals, you may feel overwhelmed and procrastiante getting your goals or tasks done. This is very normal to feel this way. I would suggest starting on a small scale. Instead of a starting on a large canvas, start in your sketch pad or small canvas. Work on some color studies, minitaure pieces and sketches. Do not think too mcuh about it; just let it flow and do whatver comes to mind. It does not matter what it looks like or if it is perfect. Just go for it! This is going to give you the confidence boost, ideasn ad inspiration to start creating again on a larger scale.

Being consistent involves a certain level of discipline in the beginning. I always say that on those days when you really do not feel to do something that is benefical to you, it is the best day you should do it because you will not regret it! It takes 21 days to form a new habit. I challenge you for 21 days to create something on a small scale everyday. It could just be a sketch! I guarantee after those 21 days, creating will come easier to you.

Work at times that you know are best for you. Some people are night owls and are most productive at night while others are early birds who enjoy working very early in the morning. Do not try working at a time where there are so many life distractins! Find your space and make the time because believe me it is worth it at the end.

Remember these simples but effective ways to stay creative! I strong encourage your to practise these and I sincerely hoep you find your inspiration again. Go for it!

Good luck, friends!

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I am an artist and art educator with a lifelong passion for creating beautiful art. I am spreading and sharing the inspiration of beauty, art and color with you!

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