How to Stay Productive



Are you having challenges staying focused on a task, finding motivation and getting your projects or ideas done?

Here is a quick and easy guide with practical things you can do that will help you stay on track whether you are working on a personal or work project. Give these tips a go!

These are things that I do as a full time teacher and part time artist. This is how I manage my creative projects, blog, studio art, art website, social media and so much more! People often ask if I sleep. Yes, I do sleep very well!

Put your phone on silent, put it in another room, a drawer, turn it off! I guarantee you would surprise yourself on your productivity levels when you do this! Turn off the tv, work in a quiet room, a cafe that you love or in your back yard! Find a place for you that is quiet and comfortable with little distractions. Creating the right environment that is conducive to work is very essential. This goes a long way in helping you mentally to stay on track on your tasks.

What are your distractions? Make a list and think of way to limit or eliminate them!

Create a list by prioritizing the most important tasks to do first. You do not necessarily need to get a fancy planner! You can use a post it, index card or an app on your phone. Everyday at the beginning of your day, create a list of tasks to be accomplished by the end of the day. Tick them off as you go and beleive me you will feel greatly accomplished!

Planning and list making go hand in hand. There are projects that involve planning little tasks as your days or weeks go by. Remeber that success is the result of a series of small steps everyday. Writing down daily tasks will also help with anxiety or if your feel overwhelmed by how you are going to get a project done by a certain time. Planning and seeing it all written down will help with your mental approach and staying on track. You would realize that the task may not be as grand or overwhelming as you thought!

Many people always feel they never have enough time in their day. We all have 24 hours in our day but we need to ask ourselves how many hours do we spend doing activities that do not positively contribute to our lives? How much time do we waste doing mindless activities?

A very good example is scolling through social media, binge watching reality tv or YouTube. You must use your time in a more intentional way with purpose. Limit the time you would spend on social media or watching tv! This change would not happen overnight but start gradually. How I like to think of it is if I were to look back at my life what would be the things I would regret? I surely would wish that I spent time pursuing all the things I loved. So why not start now?

Do not think the thought, ‘I wish that…’ Rather think, ‘How can I…” That is the first step to doing all the things you have ever wanted to do in your life despite your gender, age and country you were born. You can do anything. Do not put mental limit on your potential and capabilties because anything is possible.

Repeat these steps regularly and I guarantee that you will have a more productive life! Remember to:

And so my friends, go forth, be inspired and stay productive!

What are other things you do to stay productive? Share your ideas!

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