The Story of My Wearable Art Collection

As an artist, I am always working on new creative projects. Last year, I produced over 100 paintings in my studio as a result of being stuck at home for an extended period of time from the pandemic. I was thinking of the possiblities of different things to do with my art portfolio and how I could diversify my art skills. I decided as a studio artist I wanted to take my art to another level so I came up with the idea of a wearable art brand.

Colorful Finds and Designs began as an idea I spent time developing and made it into reality! I personally do not like the fashionable and popular t-shirts designs that have text on them. From my research I saw that not only was it popular but it was the item that sells on ecommerce sites. However, I was not willing to create a brand for the sake of popularity or just because the masses like a particular aesthetic. In fact, I wanted to create an alternative brand for those who also did not like the fashionable and popular graphic t-shirts with text but prefer something more creative and arty.

My products are my beautiful paintings that were edited and designed to be placed on different wearable products such as t-shirts, tank tops, face masks, flip flops, pin buttons, backpacks and stickers. There is a wonderful variety of products that you can browse on my online shop!

They are perfect for art lovers, art enthusiasts or those who are looking for unique products that stand out in design and color. Fused with a vibrant Caribbean flavor, these designs are dear to my heart because they are not generic designs that were copied and pasted from the internet. Each design is based on a work of art that was painted in the studio and then edited for various products. Each collection has a story that is inspiring and represents a concept that will surely give your great posivity and motivation.

Here is a snapshot of my online store that I have been developing over the past few months!

These stunning designs are based on the beauty and diversity of flowers. As the result of the pandemic and being at home, for the first time ever, I was able to ‘stop and smell the flowers.’ This was so important and impactful to me because my daily hectic schedules distract me from the little and beautiful things from each day. I was able to learnt so much about myself and grow as a person. I wanted to share this inspiration with the world through my art and my first collection.

It is a small collection but it is authentic it its design and it speaks about feminism and gender equality. It is a truly remarkable design!

The design consists of four paintings; portraits of two men and two women. The four portraits paintings were cut in pieces and reassembled to create two portraits.

Each portrait is a collage of the facial features of both men and women! The artworks are about the harmony of men and women coming and working together in many parts of society such as politics, leadership, health and media to solve the challenges that we face in society. It is a proven fact that women are intelligent, resilient and have shown great leadership shills and decision making in the world.

It is inspired by beautiful tropical birds here in the Caribbean. I am most inspired by their beauty, spirit, energy and liberal nature. These majectic feathered creatures in the tropics are quite a sight to see in person!

A collection entirely dedicated to these beautiful little ones are meant to inspire people to take flight in their own life. Soar above your challenges especially at this time and always explore your world. It is about being brave and unstoppable just like these majestic creatures. They are now available with matching pin buttons and stickers!

Tell me which is your favourite!

Thank you for reading this far! Here is a bonus for YOU. My description on my homepage of my online art shop has a discount code for you!

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Published by Nicole Tang

I am an artist and art educator with a lifelong passion for creating beautiful art. I am spreading and sharing the inspiration of beauty, art and color with you!

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