Painting Everyday Rewired My Brain

According to where you live, your experience of the Co-vid 19 lockdown and its effects will differ. There has been an overwhelming amount of negativity surfacing as a result but there has also been a lot of positive and uplifting things! I am sharing my perspective and how it positively changed me. Without a doubt the lockdown was challenging mentally and emotionally. Being such an outdoor person, I felt like a bird caught and put in a cage. I did not know what to do with myself. I decided to do everything I have always wanted to do since I had so much time on my hands. This golden and once in a lifetime opportunity made me feel so free and happy to create despite being in a cage.

And so I began my journey in March 2020 when the lockdown began. I created a routine every day in the studio where I created art every day.

Self-Isolation Series

This is a very beautiful and profound series based on my emotional state of mind during the pandemic. It consists of 20 monochromatic Chinese ink paintings. It reflected my state of solitude I felt and the silence that surrounded me for many weeks. There was a sense of nothingness, emptiness and the feeling of being alone. I focused on the idea of one; one small person standing alone in the ocean, one bird in the sky, one tree, one empty boat, one mountain etc. Other landscape paintings focused on minimalism and the idea of emptiness, abandonment and solitude.  I felt very lonely and like just one person existing in a vast world by myself. This collection is truly stunning and worth checking out on my Instagram @chineseinkpaintings!

This was the beginning of my journey of art therapy and painting to keep me balanced. I most definitely felt a difference mentally and emotionally after completing this series. I felt less depressed, anxious and sad. I am deeply connected to this series more than any other I have done as an artist.


Moving on from those beautiful monochromatic paintings, I started exploring color again. I call this series ‘Colorscapes’ because it is the energy of colors in art that kept me positive in a pandemic. Inspired by my love for the ocean and sunsets and sunrises by the ocean, this series consisted of an abstract as well as a more representational approach. Creating abstract and semi abstract art is a very liberating experience and I used that approach for this series. I missed the ocean. I missed the sunrise and sunset over the ocean. As a result I attempted to capture the colors, the mood and the feelings as I remembered it. I had the best time creating this beautiful series.

Check out this awesome collection on my Instagram @artist_de_couleur!

I went on to create many other series of paintings such as human figures, yoga, hummingbirds, seascapes, landscapes and portraits. I created freely based on whatever I felt inspired by at the moment. It was an experimental and liberating phase of creation in the studio.

That liberty of expression for an extended time really changed my life. Being in a lockdown for a long period of time allowed me the time to create art constantly and it was the best feeling ever as an artist who does art part time. Check out my blog on Habits of a Creative to see what my routine I developed is like!

I had found that my early morning routine of painting became a sort of meditation for me. The art therapy was healing and energizing. After many months of painting hundreds of paintings, I felt my brain rewiring itself. I felt more balanced, calm, energetic, motivated and happy. Daily meditation and art and color therapy changed my life. I felt like I was able to make better decisions daily because I was more in tuned with myself. I had found stress, anxiety and depression did not bother me at all. My brain was able to identify the triggers for stress or anxiety and deal with the issues differently compared to how it would usually.

I felt a shift in energy in my life. It was not a new energy. It was a forgotten energy. I used to be connected to this energy as a child but I lost it as I started to grow up. My new rewired life became about maintaining and protecting this energy from negativity and low energy things and people. I do not have a large studio space. I do not have a team of people doing my photography, graphics, editing and social media. What I do have is a re-discovered energy that I have tapped into that drives me, my ideas and creative endeavours. This energy is amazing!

The truth is we all have that potential to rewire our brains and tap into that energy source. It is the action of doing that thing that you love consistently every day for an extended period of time that helps you to align yourself with that energy. Do what inspires you and keep on creating as much as you can!

Check out my creative projects, painting series and awesome online stores I have created as a result of my brain rewiring itself from art therapy and meditation!

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