Creating an inspiring space

Do you have a challenge working creatively on your ideas/ projects? Well the first question you need to ask yourself is do you have a designated space for yourself that you can work? One of the most important things as a creative is to have a space no matter the size that is inspiring to you. It must be a place where you can work and focus your time and attention on your creative endeavors. Here I am outlining some tips that you can use to help you create that work space for yourself.

Look at the space you have around you and have a creative approach to how you think about it. How can you make it work? Rearrange some furniture and de-clutter. You may need to create a multi-functional space where for example, the dining table is for eating during the day and your work desk at night. You would want to have a space with a desk/table, a chair and some kind of storage space such as a bookshelf or storage containers for your materials/books especially if your space is going to be multi-functional.

I am sure that many people think I have a spacious studio because of the amount of work that I produce and the numerous projects I manage daily. The truth is that my studio space is very small. It consists of a folding desk and a folding chair in a corner of my bedroom. If I have bigger projects, I work on the floor, my bed, the garage, the kitchen; anywhere I can find a space.

Decorate your space with things you like and that would inspire you whether it is a live plant or a motivational poster or plaque on the wall. Add to your space positive and motivational things to keep you going. Be careful to not create too much clutter in your space with unnecessary things. It could be a vibrant comfortable chair. It could be a new pen. Think about what inspires you. Keep it simple.

My desk faces a wall which is not inspiring at all. I hang colorful tapestries which I change every few months to keep the space evolving and visually interesting. My current tapestry is a large and colorful mandala because I love colors and the mandala helps me to be calm, balanced and focused on my tasks. I also cover my folding table with a matching table cloth so that it does not look like a folding table at all. I have Christmas lights hung throughout the year, again because the vibrant colors make me happy. I have 2 thumbtacks on either side of the wall in which I ran twine. I hang my paintings with clothes pins for display and it is changed every other day as I produce more paintings. This change visually in space keeps me going and inspired.

My studio space is always very colorful with my art work on display. I change the background tapestry every 4 months to create a fresh and new look and feel to the space.
Currently, I have a mandala tapestry on my wall. I use a table cloth with a similar design on a folding table to create a comfortable work space for painting and other creative projects. I always make sure at the end of the day everything is packed away and organized.

Frequent changes in space for you may be too much and that is perfectly fine. You need to figure out what works best for you. I personally love changing things often for a different look, approach and feeling.

It is so easy for your space to become disorganized with many books, materials and gadgets, especially when you are working daily. Have a cluttered space is not conducive to work at all. It is challenge to navigate space with all these things around you and it is not inspiring to be in that space.

What kind of creative are you? What kind of materials do you use?

Take some time to figure out some organizational items you may need such as a bookshelf, table size, storage containers, stationary organizers etc. Always make sure at the end of your work session you clean up and put things back in place for your next work session. Having a clean and organized space is encouraging and inviting and you become more focused on the task. Take some time to figure out your organization of things you use your space so that you know exactly where to find the things you need.

Do you have an inspiring and creative space where you work?

What is it like?

Where do you work on your creative projects?

What advice would you add based on your experience?

Which one of these points are you going to work on?

Join the conversation and leave your comments below! I would love you hear about your stories and ideas!

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