So, you’re an artist. What’s next?

Being an artist is just as a serious career as a lawyer or an engineer. There are so many components of being a successful artist that are not taught in school. Creative endeavors are not all fun and games, but it is a game you have to learn to play to win. You don’t necessarily have to play by the rules but you have to understand the rules to understand how the game works. There are some key things you have to know to be able to make it as a successful creative in a competitive world.

Being an artist is one thing. Being a successful artist is another. As a professional artist and creative, I am sharing some things I have learnt over the years on how to be and stay a successful artist. This blog is for those who are aspiring artists, young creatives who are working on being successful.

1. Exhibit

At every opportunity you get, display your work. Yes, I know the thought of putting yourself and your art out there may be scary and may give you anxiety. Your creations are imprints of your soul and it is a very vulnerable feeling of putting yourself out there for the world to judge. Some artists make it look so easy! And then there is the socialization and talking about your art aspect! Whoa! You did not sign up for all that!

Game rule #1: Exposure

Whether you are a writer, actor, singer, dancer or artist, you need to get exposure as a creative by putting your creations out there. Remember to always start small. Start with a small exhibition, a short story, a small concert and it is that small start that is going to build your self-confidence. Use those small opportunities to help you grow as a creative. You will greatly benefit in positive ways from exposure. You will be able to connect with other creatives like yourself, get advice from those more experienced than you and you will learn about the art culture, business and culture you are becoming part of. Go for it!

When is your next exhibition? Leave a comment below and tell me! Send me pictures!

2. Create a niche

Every artist/creative is known for a particular genre such as landscape art, portrait art, marble figure sculpture, jewellery design etc. Take some time to figure out what are your strengths and weaknesses. Focus on the things you are good or great at and develop your skills based on that. Fishes can’t climb trees and monkeys can’t live in water. Each creative is unique and their work is based on their own individual experiences and inspirations.

Game rule #2: Be yourself.

While developing your skills in different areas are important, you need to do some soul searching to figure out what aspect of art you would like to be an expert. Do you want to be known as a sculptor or a jewelry designer? Be yourself. Find yourself and your style in your art. It must be noted that you do not need to limit yourself to one specific genre. It is always important to explore and experiment as a creative.

I am an experimental artist and it has taken me many years to figure out my niche. My portfolio is very diverse because I love doing many different art styles, themes and subjects. I had never found just one subject or one theme that I stuck to. However I can tell you that I have discovered though my thousands of paintings that I have become an expressionist and fauvist painter and I also create minimalist monochromatic chinese ink paintings. The two styles, approaches and media are completely different from each but I do enjoy creating in those art styles the most and they are most impactful.

Pro tip: When you create the thing you love, it shows in positive ways and it develops in beautiful ways.

3. Keep working

Game rule #3. Stay inspired.

Staying inspired to keep working is never an easy task, especially when you have to deal with other responsibilities. It is important for you to keep creating and dedicating some time every day to do what you love. Do not let fear, doubt and uncertainty get the best of you when embarking on new creative endeavors. Check out my past blog on Mindset for Approaching New Creative Endeavors. It would give you some encouragement and positivity, especially if you know you tend to procrastinate.

Remember that hard work beats talent when talent does not work hard enough. You may be a talented creative but nothing is going to materialize, nothing is going to get done, be created or happen if you just sit around all day contemplating, worrying, overthinking and doubting yourself. Everyone has ideas but only a small percentage of people actually put in the effort and work. Get up and go for it!

Join the converstaion!

What are your experiences as a creative?

What kind of creative work are you involved in?

How do you deal with challenges and set backs?

Why is being a creative important to you?

Share your ideas with us!

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